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Nurbini™ Multifunctional Rubber & Plastic & Wood Parts Restoration Agent

Nurbini™ Multifunctional Rubber & Plastic & Wood Parts Restoration Agent

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Nurbini™ Multifunctional Rubber & Plastic & Wood Parts Restoration Agent

Nurbini™ Multifunctional Rubber & Plastic & Wood Parts Restoration Agent

Regular price $15.97
Regular price $15.97 Sale price $25.97
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Completely erase every dirt, graze, and imperfections on your vehicle in just a wipe of this professional car refurbishing liquid agent!

Bring Dull Furniture Back To Life With Nurbini™!

This fine-grade liquid agent comes with active ingredients that can instantly restore your car’s surface or interior quality in just a wipe. It can successfully remove stubborn stains, scratches, marks, discoloration, insect splatters, dirt, dust, and other imperfections. Providing your aged, dull-looking vehicle with a top-notch automotive care that delivers a brand new like finish and lustrous shine effect. Moreover, the car refurbishing agent promotes an impressive sun protection that can block all harmful UV radiations and extreme heat. Preventing all sorts of sun damages, including oxidizing, cracking, discoloration, fading, early aging, and so much more. 

The car refurbishing liquid not only repels water, rain, moisture, splashes, oils, and dirt but also provides wood furniture refurbishment and care. Its protective coating prevents dryness, cracking, and discoloration, rejuvenating the appearance of wooden furniture. The long-lasting formula withstands various environmental conditions, ensuring lasting protection. From tables to cabinets, it effortlessly restores and maintains the beauty of wood surfaces.

Nurbini™ is also suitable for wooden furniture and leather furniture! Just a few drops can give you a completely new home!


  • Instant Powerful Restoration 
A genuine nano coating agent featuring an advanced polishing capabilities that penetrates deep into the car’s plastic surface. Allowing it to efficiently eliminate all kinds of paint imperfections, stubborn stains, scratches, marks, discoloration, insect splatters, dirt, dust, and other road grimes. It can instantly transform your vehicle back to its top paint quality and restores its original color in just a simple application and wiping. Making it look naturally brand new with a stunning mirror glaze finish that every car owner would envy. 

    • Care for Wood Materials
    The ingredients in this product can penetrate the wood fibers, providing deep nourishment and moisturizing effects. It gently nourishes the wood, preventing it from drying out, cracking, or discoloring. Additionally, Nurbini™ Multifunctional Rubber & Plastic & Wood Parts Restoration Agent can also form a protective film to prevent moisture, dirt, and other harmful substances from penetrating the wood surface.

      • Long-Lasting Effect
        The professional car plastic plating liquid promotes an intensive refurbishing and protection performance that is designed to last impressively long. It features a superior hydrophobic coating that forms invisibly after application. Providing your vehicle a powerful barrier on the surface to effectively repel water, rain, moisture, splashes, oils, and even dry particles like dirt. It enables your car to avoid unwanted liquid droplets and grimes from drying, streaking, and marking behind. Leaving your vehicle with a squeaky-clean and non-greasy, gorgeous shine effect that can stay for up to 3 years and more.

      • Wide Application
        This ultimate refurbishing liquid agent works effectively for polishing and providing long-lasting protection to various surfaces. Suitable for all types of vehicles, including cars, vans, minivans, motorcycles, bicycles, SUVs, AUVs, and so on. You can use it for both interior and exterior parts like armrests, steering wheel, gear shifts, seats, dashboards, bumpers, leather, roof windows, and more possibilities. 

      • Premium Quality
        Made of high-quality, non-toxic formulation with an incredible refurbishing effect and high-gloss non-waxy finish. It can polish and coat protectively against surfaces while remaining 100% gentle to prevent unwanted damages and scratches. This liquid agent can be simply applied to the sponge or directly to the surface, wipe it thoroughly to polish, and done! No more complicated methods or various chemical mixing needed anymore.

      Customer Reviews

      I bought a used vintage cedar chest that I was thinking of refinishing as a project but decided to try this first as a test. I’m shocked and amazed at how nice this furniture looks after just just polishing and buffing. The damage is not invisible but it isn’t as unsightly. Very happy!!!
       --⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Michigan, Sue Z


      This is a 2014 Jeep Wrangler that has not been maintained well. The left side of that photo is a freshly washed bumper and the right side is plastic restorer applied and dried. Best stuff I’ve ever used.




        • Weight: 50ml


        • 1 x Nurbini™ Multifunctional Rubber & Plastic & Wood Parts Restoration Agent

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